About Us

21.15.NINE, is an Australian streetwear company, inspired by a sub-culture of athletic renegades. In 2013, founder, Carlz J Söda, successfully crowd-funded the company into production and it has fast established itself as the innovator and market disruptor, growing in the unique, niche sport of functional fitness.

With an opportunity to deliver stylish, fashion forward collections for athletes, 21.15.NINE has uniquely fused streetwear and activewear. Specialising in exceptional garment construction, tailored specifically for the athletic physique, with an emphasis on sustainability.

With collections featuring premium fabrics that are sustainable and ethically sourced, unique graphics and prints, 21.15.NINE delivers anaesthetic of luxury to the sports leisure consumer.

Carlz J Soda

After walking into a CrossFit Gym in early 2010, Carlz set on course for what would become the humble beginnings of 21.15.NINE. Designing for then grassroots businesses in this growing market, Carlz saw a unique opportunity to develop a cult label around a burgeoning community. 

With an established design career behind her, Carlz developed 21.15.NINE as a way for a growing sub culture to express themselves in unique and premium, fashion focused garments. With no capital, no experience and no guarantee that functional fitness wasn't just another fitness fad, Carlz begun 21.15.NINE as a hobby t-shirt business.

In early 2013 after a successful crowd funding campaign, Carlz begun production on the first 21.15.NINE Collection which was a roaring success. A true pioneer in her field, this young entrepreneur established a unique fashion brand in a niche market with unrivalled success and continues to inspire and support young women and men alike in their desire to live a life superlatively.