Limited Range - FAQ's

How does the 21.15.NINE Limited Range work?

Read our FAQ below:

  • We release the design on Facebook a week before pre-order opens. That gives everyone a chance to check it out, share it round and give feedback.
  • During that week we read and watch your responses! Don't like blue? We'll make it red! Want it in a tee not a tank? DONE! That's the beauty of it, YOU control the limited releases!
  • We give you PLENTY of pre-order notice. Once it goes live, it's all in your hands. You choose the size you want and pre-order the item. Need a XX Large? No biggy! Just order it!
  • Pre-order closes within 7 days. That gives you all a chance to snap it up and once we hit 7 days or 100 sales, it's all over.
  • If we haven't sold all 100 items in pre-order we order a few extra popular sizes so that if you missed out you can grab one.
  • We NEVER reprint a design. That is it. 100 only. Hence limited you know?
  • Manufacturing times vary greatly. We will keep you updated through out the process so make sure you check your inbox for the email updates.